Laura Regazzoni
Laura Regazzoni

Agile Wind Power raises 1.8m in funding using an innovative approach

Zurich, 18 June 2012 – Agile Wind Power and investiere announce the successful closing of a CHF 1.8 million angel financing round for Agile Wind Power.

The Swiss cleantech start-up Agile Wind Power (AWP) is developing a very innovative, vertically rotating large wind turbine capable of outperforming existing systems in terms of efficiency, maintenance costs and profitability. This turbine is the first of its kind world-wide that is able to compete on performance capacity against traditional wind power plants. In December 2011, Agile Wind Power has been awarded the prestigious Heuberger entrepreneurship prize.

The CHF 1.8m financing round was not only a great success for AWP, but also for its equally innovative financing partner investiere who, since its inception in February 2010, has quickly evolved into the largest private investor platform for direct investments in Swiss start-ups.

In just three weeks, investiere raised CHF 720’000 and constitutes the largest source of capital for this round. investiere previously financed mobile technology start-up Uepaa, which raised more than half a million Francs through investiere. investiere has a unique offering for start-ups and investors: it allows private investors and family offices to join forces with institutional investors: in AWP’s case, investiere investors, contributing each between CHF 10’000 and CHF 200’000, invested alongside a Swiss venture fund as well as the Cantonal Bank of Zurich.

Agile Wind Power CEO Patrick Richter comments: „There is no one like investiere that can bring more than CHF 700’000 in just a few weeks - fundraising always is a tricky business, but the investiere team stayed with us throughout the process and helped solving all challenges along the way.”

A study published just last week by Roland Berger and WWF, the third annual “Clean Economy, Living Planet” found “a major need for cleantech venture capital to provide equity financing to entrepreneurs and firms in their development and expansion stages.” Nick Beglinger, president of the business association swisscleantech, agrees with this finding, adding: “The successful financing for Agile Wind Power was the first significant early-stage cleantech investment in Switzerland for a long time.” swisscleantech also strives to bring together cleantech innovators and investors and successfully leveraged their network of experts and partners by providing one of the larger investors of this round.

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