Marc Zurkinden
Marc Zurkinden
investiere alumnus

investiere helps the start-up DAHU to raise just under CHF 1 million to disrupt the ski boot industry

DAHU Sports Company Ltd. has closed its financing round A at the 26th of June 2013 and was able to raise nearly one million CHF. Capital Risque Fribourg and Effort Fribourg which are business development institutes of the state of Fribourg helped to co-finance DAHU together with private business angels from the Business Angels Suisse Romande and the investment community of the Swiss based investiere platform, which has provided nearly one third of the equity investment to the round by raising a substantial amount of slightly over CHF 320’000.-.

DAHU was founded in 2011 by Nicolas Frey and has developed a new generation of ski boots which does allow its carrier to endure a whole day of winter sports with one pair of shoes. The DAHU ski boot has the same capabilities like a traditional ski boot but it also allows you to hike, do some shopping or to visit a restaurant in an unreached way of comfort and an appealing and modern design.

In early February, DAHU made quite a splash when it, for the first time, presented the next-generation ski boot at ISPO Munich, the world’s biggest trade show for the sports business, to a broad audience of journalists and industry experts.

The raised funds will be used to start production this summer and will allow DAHU to distribute its first ski boot collection to the European market by the end of November 2013 to ensure that European amateur skiers can profit from the unique ski boot experience offered by DAHU while performing their preferred winter activities.

DAHU CEO Nicolas Frey was impressed by the intense professional due diligence the investiere team performed on his business before being launched on the investiere platform. However, investiere's COO Julien Pache stresses that "the last, yet very important round of due diligence is actually performed by the investor community once the investment round is launched" and continues: "this is one of the biggest advantages of the investiere model that it brings critical minds with different expertise together to openly question and thus ultimately assess an investment opportunity's quality". This helped to build up additional confidence in the financing round and even convinced professional co-investors to convert their interests into actual investment commitments. Nicolas further mentioned: “investiere then did a really great syndication job towards co-investors, interacted with them to unlock complex situations and facilitated our way to a successful closing. Last but not least, they have identified a very competent lead investor from the investiere community with a significant individual investment.”

English, German and French versions of the press release can be downloaded here:

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Press release DAHUde.pdf75.56 KB
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