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Benedikt Ummen
investiere is not only an investment platform for private investors. Our company ecosystem is also an excellent research tool for investors, industry experts and startup enthusiasts. There are thousands of startup company profiles on investiere and » Continue reading
Published on 19 March 2015, by Benedikt Ummen
David Sidler
We are happy to announce the introduction of new features to the investiere company profiles. Entrepreneurs can now tell their company’s story in even more detail and have new avenues at their disposal to engage with the » Continue reading
Published on 12 March 2015, by David Sidler
David Sidler
As the number of European crowdinvesting platforms grows, it is becoming more and more difficult to keep an overview of the various actors in the market.  It seems not a week goes by without the launch of a new platform. Experts are quick to » Continue reading
Published on 06 March 2015, by David Sidler
David Sidler
Partnering with SECA and startupticker, we supported the creation and distribution of the Swiss Venture Capital Report for the year 2014. Links to the report as well as an infographic on data concerning our own investments in 2014 can be found » Continue reading
Published on 02 February 2015, by David Sidler
The young medtech startup Medyria raised funds to develop its catheter positioning system that reduces the use of x-ray and eliminates the need for contrast dye. Medyria recently raised CHF 2.2 million from a consortium of investors including » Continue reading
Published on 30 January 2015, by David Sidler
The Lucerne-based cleantech startup Bluetector addresses the steadily growing water market with an extremely competitive and innovative technology that is capable of cleaning various types of highly polluted wastewaters. Thanks to the funds raised, » Continue reading
Published on 20 January 2015, by David Sidler
David Sidler
The global Canadian company Ovivo Inc. announced the sale of the Van der Molen division, located in Germany, to Radial Capital Partners. "We wanted to ensure a long-term future for all employees of Van der Molen. I am confident that the new » Continue reading
Published on 13 January 2015, by David Sidler
David Sidler
Lunchgate, the one-stop online marketing solution for restaurants, raised CHF 800’000 from private investors and members of the investiere community. Two investors from investiere’s network each invested CHF » Continue reading
Published on 11 December 2014, by David Sidler
David Sidler
The Lausanne-based hightech company Attolight raised an undisclosed amount in a series C financing round to which investors from the investiere-community contributed CHF 580’000. The Lausanne-based hightech company builds microscopes to detect » Continue reading
Published on 08 December 2014, by David Sidler
David Sidler
How can young entrepreneurs find money? What mistakes should they avoid? And what can entrepreneurs expect from their investors? investiere-CEO Steffen Wagner was recently interviewed by Swisscom's SME Portal, Businessworld, and sheds some light » Continue reading
Published on 03 November 2014, by David Sidler