Michael Blank
Michael Blank
Investment Manager at investiere

quitt.ch financing round over CHF 600’000 successfully closed

Zurich/Zug, 14 November 2012 – ServiceHunter AG, which operates quitt.ch, has successfully closed a financing round over CHF 600‘000. Apart from friends & family investors, additional private investors took the opportunity to invest via the start-up investment platform investiere. This approach allowed quitt.ch to also onboard the founders of some of the most successful Swiss ITstart-ups such as Doodle, jobs.ch and Wuala.

quitt.ch takes care of every detail around domestic employments. In only a few minutes, households can correctly employ and insure domestic helpers auch as cleaning maids, nannies, gardeners or caregivers.

One year after the successful launch of its services, the offering is already widely accepted across Switzerland. The capital raised is supposed to extend this offering - with the aim to make quitt.ch a Swiss standard for the simplified employment of domestic employees.

Via the start-up investment platform investiere (www.investiere.ch), Switzerland’s largest private investor network for start-up investments, well-known entrepreneurs and other private investors took the opportunity to participate with a total of CHF 180‘000 in the financing round of quitt.ch. The rest was raised through the personal networks of the founders. Among the investors are the newly elected board members Luzius Meisser (Wuala) and Thomas Dübendorfer as well as other successful entrepreneurs such as Myke Näf and Paul Sevinç (Doodle), Mark Sandmeier (jobs.ch) and Gregory Gerhardt (Amazee Labs).

German, English and French versions of this press release can be downloaded below.


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