Steffen Wagner
Steffen Wagner
Co-CEO and Co-Founder @investiere

Uepaa and investiere announce the closing of Uepaa's Series A financing over CHF 1.5 million

Start-up company Uepaa is the first player worldwide that turns smartphones into alpine life-saving devices. Uepaa commercializes technology that will turn these phones into alpine tracking, alert and rescue devices, which connect to other phones directly (without the need for a telecom infrastructure) using a disruptive wireless peer-to-peer technology.

The financing round includes Cantonal Bank of Zurich and private investors coming aboard through the platform investiere run by Verve Capital Partners AG. Both financiers each contributed about a third of the financing. The remaining third comes from other private and corporate investors. “We are extremely pleased with the closing of this financing round. First, our target investment volume of CHF 1.5 million has been exactly met. Secondly, we attracted investors, as well as experienced board members, that will be crucial for our success. Uepaa’s board now includes Dr. Rolf Baumgartner, an investiere investor, as Chairman of the Board, Dr. Claus Martini and Michel Kaufmann. In this ideal constellation, I am sure we can accomplish our vision to create the Next Alpine Safety Standard,” said Mathias Haussmann, CEO of Uepaa.

Regarding the partnership with investiere, Mathias Haussmann comments: "investiere proved to be a strong partner: many of its private investors are entrepreneurs well known in Switzerland and abroad. A special thanks goes to the investiere team for its extremely valuable support in structuring and coordinating the deal. They clearly understand the issues every startup is confronted with and helped me navigate the complex process of a demanding financing round." For investiere, the closing marks a new record. Its registered investors contributed around CHF 537’000 to the round, whereof CHF 457'000 via the platform.

Uepaa AG was founded on January 31st 2012 in Zurich and is now ready to launch and hiring mobile developers. The funds raised will be used to transfer this unique technology from ETH Zurich, in order to complete the development of the product, as well as to commence marketing and sales efforts in its pilot market, the European Alps.

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