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Successfully funded startups

ActLight SA focuses in the field of CMOS photonics by developing new type of photodetectors and improving photovoltaic energy harvesting technology. Being a fabless company, ActLight specializes in the Intellectual Property (IP) of these areas and provides supporting services like design and technology advice for its customers.

Undisclosed 7-digit Series A round, closed July 2015

» CHF 366'000 invested via investiere

Uberchord is building the next generation of learning software for musical instruments, starting with a personal guitar teacher on your smartphone. Their team has developed the world’s most advanced audio recognition technology that listens to you play guitar, provides instant feedback and adapts to personal progress.

Seed financing of EUR 685'000, closed June 2015

» EUR 140'000 invested via investiere

Medyria is working on a catheter positioning system for the fast growing market of endovascular surgery. Medyria has developed the TrackCath, a catheter positioning system that not only minimizes the need for x-ray and eliminates the use of contrast dye, but also cuts costs by shortening hospital stays.

Angel Round financing of CHF 2.2 million, closed January 2015

» CHF 280'000 invested via investiere

Bluetector addresses the steadily growing water market with an extremely competitive and innovative technology that is capable of cleaning various types of highly polluted wastewaters. Bluetector's containerized wastewater treatment system offers an easy way to clean and re-use wastewater in an environmentally friendly and inexpensive way.

Series A financing of CHF 1.76 million, closed January 2015

» CHF 480'000 invested via investiere

Lunchgate is the most innovative and rapidly growing restaurant platform in Switzerland and a one-stop online marketing solution for restaurants. Lunchgate's reservation system has become the most implemented booking platform in Switzerland since it was launched in 2012.

Angel Round financing of CHF 800'000, closed December 2014

» CHF 375'000 invested via investiere

Tecuro is developing a hygienic panty liner that both treats and prevents recurrent urinary tract infections —a widespread problem that 3% of women worldwide suffer from recurrently. Tecuro's product is the only medicinal alternative to antibiotics to date, making it a welcome form of treatment and a potentially lucrative venture in a $3 billion market.

Angel Round financing of CHF 780'000, closed December 2014

» CHF 235'000 invested via investiere

Attolight's instruments shorten the time-to-market and reduce production costs for novel devices such as LEDs, solar cells, UV light sources and low consumption processors.

Series C round closed November 2014 (undisclosed amount)

» CHF 580'000 invested via investiere

Series B financing of CHF 1.2 million, closed October 2012

» CHF 100'000 invested via investiere

Angel financing of CHF 800'000, closed 15 November 2010

» CHF 263'000 invested via investiere

Our mission is to provide the ever-growing numbers of independent musicians with ways to generate revenues from their music. Musicians can have their music distributed to 200 shops like iTunes, Amazon & Spotify as well as have their performing and publishing rights collected through a single, affordable, automated online service.

Series A2 Financing of CHF 970'000, closed October 2014

» CHF 670'000 invested via investiere

Series A1 Financing of CHF 1'000'000, closed June 2013

» CHF 450'000 invested via investiere

Clinpal is a cloud-computing platform for patient recruitment, engagement, retention and data acquisition in clinical studies. The online platform connects sponsors (mainly pharma companies), sites (mainly clinics) and patients throughout the process of clinical trials.

Series B financing of CHF 2.4 million, closed September 2014

» CHF 737'000 invested via investiere

3BaysOver is approaching the € 1 trillion tourism industry from the business-to-business side. 3BaysOver’s online business networking platform for the global tourism industry helps tourism and travel professionals connect, thus bringing greater efficiency to the industry.

Angel Round financing of CHF 1.2 million, closed July 2014

» CHF 500'000 invested via investiere

Sherpany is a web-based e-voting and investor relations platform that connects shareholders with their companies during the year and specifically for the annual general meetings. Sherpany also includes an online board room which is specifically designed for confidential information exchange via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet and significantly facilitates board meetings.

Series A financing of CHF 1.84 million, closed June 2014

» CHF 500'000 invested via investiere

Angel financing of CHF 286'000, closed February 2013

» Total amount invested via investiere

CombaGroup is marketing a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for growing high-quality lettuce. Their mechanized, soilless method allows clients to yield significantly higher productivity gains compared to field production (up to 35 times).

Series A financing of CHF 1.3 million, closed February 2014

» CHF 423'000 invested via investiere

Ultrafine exhaust particles pose a serious health threat and force the automotive industry to spend on complex and expensive filtering technologies. PEMRED delivers engine manufacturers with a solution to reduce ultrafine exhaust particles emissions in a cost-effective manner.

Series A financing of CHF 865'000, closed December 2013

» CHF 215'000 invested via investiere

Naviswiss develops and commercializes a new generation of handheld, miniaturized and easy-to-use surgical measurement and navigation systems. The systems are like a GPS for surgeons that enable better and quicker positioning of implants during orthopaedic replacement operations (e.g. hip and knee replacements).

Series A financing of CHF 1.03 million, closed December 2013

» CHF 470'000 invested via investiere

arviem provides its well-known blue chip clients with a real-time end-to-end cargo monitoring service that empowers them to optimize their supply chains. arviem’s clients receive accurate real-time data and analytics on their cargo shipments and can therefore take critical decisions and reduce costs dramatically.

CHF 1.35 million Series A financing round led by an investiere-angel, closed August 2013

» CHF 620'000 invested via investiere

DAHU developed a new generation of ski boots which allows its wearer to enjoy a whole day of winter sports in one pair of shoes. The DAHU ski boot has the same capabilities as a traditional ski boot but it also allows you to hike, do some shopping or to visit a restaurant in an unparalleled level of comfort, with an appealing and modern design.

Series A Financing of CHF 970'000, closed July 2013

» CHF 320'000 invested via investiere

Zurich-based ServiceHunter AG was founded in july 2010 and operates the platform takes
care of every detail around domestic employments.

Angel Financing of CHF 600'000, closed November 2012

» CHF 180'000 invested via investiere

DomoSafety has developed a revolutionary healthcare system that assures the safety of the elderly at home. With DomoSafety, the elderly can substantially postpone their entrance in retirement homes.

Angel Financing of CHF 600'000, closed November 2012

» CHF 231'000 invested via investiere

Agile Wind Power has developed a new, vertically rotating wind turbine capable of outperforming existing systems in terms of efficiency, maintenance costs and profitability. This patented turbine technology is the first of its kind world-wide that is able to compete on performance capacity against traditional wind power plants.

Angel financing of CHF 1.8 million, closed June 2012

» CHF 720'000 invested via investiere

HyperWeek has built an intuitive yet complete web platform that powers collaborative intranets, fan communities and any private social network at the click of a button.

Financing of CHF 500'000, closed April 2012

» CHF 100’000 invested via investiere

Uepaa turns every single smartphone into a rescue, monitoring, alerting and security device. There is no reason (costs or any other excuse) not to carry a decent rescue device while being in the backcountry.

Series A financing of CHF 1.5 million, closed January 2012

» CHF 537’000 invested via investiere

MEDUDEM is the first e-health information service worldwide bringing together all relevant stakeholders in the health market. MEDUDEM secures, facilitates and improves the way health information is shared.

Closed December 2011

» CHF 70'000 invested via investiere

Nanotion is the first player worldwide having developed an innovative technology to fully characterize nanoparticles in liquid products. "Because small things count!"

Angel financing of CHF 1.2 million, closed November 2011

» CHF 231'000 invested via investiere

»Liquidation Process for Nanotion Comes to a Close

investiere combines the best elements of a business angel club, a venture capital fund and an online investment platform.

Angel financing of CHF 575'000, closed 17 March 2011

» CHF 272'000 invested via investiere

Shadow Government® is a strategy simulation game based on a proven strategic country planning model. It is a fun game with deep content that makes a true difference in the real world.

Angel financing of CHF 900'000, closed 21 February 2011

» CHF 64'000 invested via investiere

»Shadow Government Commences Liquidation Process

SalsaDev brings cutting edge search technology to large scale document and content management systems

Angel financing of CHF 1 million, closed 14 September 2010

» CHF 70'000 invested via investiere

An experienced team tackles the question how we will collect, organize and process bits of information in the future.

Closed 1 June 2010

» CHF 70'000 investment interest on investiere

Innovative Swiss med-tech company developing novel stent technologies to address and overcome the adverse effects of today's available coronary artery stents

Series A financing (undisclosed amount), closed 27 April 2010

» CHF 100'000 invested via investiere