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Your company profile is a window to the investiere community

Once you have created a company profile, you will be able to showcase your startup to the investiere community which includes investors (more than 1000), serial entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts, industry specialists, academics and representatives of large corporations interested in collaborating with young innovative companies.

The Role of Social Proof

Social proof is an expression of a company’s credibility within the investiere community that plays an important role in our selection process. It comprises two main elements:

  1. Followers: Users can follow companies that grab their attention. The more followers a company has, the higher it appears in the ranking.
  2. Support of key users: Certain key users that we have identified as influencers can not only follow a company, but also “push” it, thereby advancing that company in the ranking.

To find out how to use social proof to your advantage on investiere, check out this insightful article by Jonah McIntire.

How to Get the Most out of Your investiere Profile

Here are a few useful tips to ensure you get the most out of your company profile. These tips can help you attract top followers and potentially gain access to smart money investors and even obtain funding via investiere:

  • Fill out all the sections of your company profile, so that the investiere-community immediately gets a sense for your business and understands the problem you address and the solution you propose.
  • Get your team, board member, shareholders and advisors to join you on investiere. Knowing who is behind a company is important in order to build trust and will play an important role in boosting the community's interest in your business.
  • Keep your followers engaged and informed by posting updates on your company’s milestones, achievements and interesting news.  
  • Give our community a feel for your company by uploading videos and photos.
  • Awards, partners, clients and collaborations are all strong indicators of a company’s standing. You can now add all these (and more) to the “Trusted by” section on your company profile.

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