What entrepreneurs say about investiere

“Working with investiere has been a great experience. I received excellent support from the investiere team, especially with regard to the structuring of the financing round and the preparation of the final contracts. Furthermore, we were able to secure investments from highly relevant individuals from investiere’s diverse pool of smart money investors. investiere also activated its external network and introduced us directly to a broad range of additional investors from outside the platform.”

David Din, CEO Bluetector

There is no one like investiere that can bring more than CHF 700’000 in just a few weeks. The investiere team stayed with us throughout the process and helped solving all challenges along the way.

Patrick Richter, CEO Agile Wind Power

“The successful closing of our oversubscribed financing round is not just a testament to iMusician’s approach [...], but also to investiere's highly engaged investors. It was gratifying to see investiere's investors commit once in 2013 and then double or triple their stakes in iMusician in 2014. This highlights the power of being able to leverage many investors rather than one large investor. Furthermore, investiere helped iMusician secure new smart money investors, one of whom contributed a large six-digit amount."

Shigs Amemiya, CEO iMusician

"Working with investiere was smooth, efficient and uncomplicated, meaning invaluable time was freed for our team to focus on the business. What's more, 3BaysOver's round ended up being nearly 70% oversubscribed with investiere's investors, so we were able to raise significantly more funds than we expected. For me, with such a service the 'proof is always in the pudding', and the team at investiere overdelivered in every way. We hope to raise more funds with them in the future."

Andy Ryan, CEO 3BaysOver

“Besides the access to investors, investiere contributed very valuable advice and support throughout the process - starting with the initial communications, through the legal framework and service providers and finally in implementing the closing. investiere is a unique ‘full-service boutique’ which combines the best of what crowdfunding and VCs have to offer.”

Avigdor Luttinger, CEO Pemred

"Working with investiere has been a pleasure. They ran a very thorough and professional due diligence before we started, and gave us continuous support during the process, all the way to closing our first round. We definitely plan to work with them again in the future."

Rodney Reis, CEO CombaGroup

"investiere’s meticulous approach to fundraising helped secure the success of our financing round. In the name of the Naviswiss management team and our board of directors, I would like to thank investiere for their strong support and network."

Christian Walsoe, CFO Naviswiss

investiere proved to be a strong partner: many of its private investors are entrepreneurs well known in Switzerland and abroad. A special thanks goes to the investiere team for its extremely valuable support in structuring and coordinating the deal. They clearly understand the issues every startup is confronted with and helped me navigate the complex process of a demanding financing round.

Mathias Haussmann, CEO Uepaa(!!)

If you're wondering whether to use investiere for your fundraising: go for it.

Raphaƫl Briner, CEO HyperWeek

investiere.ch were the first to recognize the potential of our case and provided a lead investor who was crucial to open doors to other investor circles.

Samuel Sonderegger, CEO Attolight