Selection Process

Our selection process is based on proven practices of institutional VC firms

Our selection and deal structuring process comprises three steps before a final decision is taken, a fourth step to set up the investment proposal and a fifth step to launch it.

Step 1: Screening

We evaluate hundreds of business plans a year and assess them based on a couple of criteria, namely:

  • Industry: The technology, product or services should have the potential to create a new market, dominate an existing market or disrupt the mechanics of the markets that the company is entering.
  • Capital Need: Between CHF 500’000 and 2.5m. Even if the funding needs exceed CHF 2.5m, we may still be able to help a company raise capital.
  • Stage of the Business: The company should already have a "proof-of-concept". We do not provide seed financing.
  • Domicile: Headquartered in Europe.

Click here for a more detailed description of our screening criteria.

If you meet these criteria, join investiere and create a company profile. Once you have done this, please fill out our screening Once we receive your company’s documentation and we think your company could be interesting for our investor base, it will take us 1-3 weeks to get back to you with an answer.

Step 2: Curation

If your company passes the screening stage, it enters what we call “curation”. During this step we gather opinions from individuals in our community and our broad network, who can shed light on questions we have about your business and key success and failure factors. Furthermore, we talk to your company's existing clients as well as potential clients to better understand their needs and if your solution is a match. We then discuss your case internally and decide whether or not to move to the next step. If your company passes curation, we contact you to discuss how we can collaborate. Once we reach an agreement, we start the due diligence.

The curation phase takes 1-3 weeks.

Step 3: Due Diligence

Once we agreed to collaborate with you, we enter the due diligence phase. In this phase we review your company’s complete documentation. We also sit down with you, co-investors and the lead investor to define the terms of investment.

The length of this step can vary depending on different factors (completeness of your company documentation, negotiations with other co-investors, etc). We do our best to move this process forward as swiftly as possible, but not at the expense of a thorough due diligence and the negotiation of investment terms that are satisfactory to all parties involved.


Step 4: Online Profile Set-up

Once we have performed our due diligence and have agreed on investment terms, we guide you through the setup of an online investment proposal. This includes creating an online profile (which contains all the important aspects of a business plan and supporting documents such as: market overview, competition, product, go-to-market strategy, team, etc.) and producing a short movie that introduces your company, the team and the investment opportunity. This is an important step in the process, since your online investment proposal is the basis on which investors decide whether to participate in your business or not. 


Step 5: Live on Platform

At this point we launch your company as an investment proposal on investiere and make it available to our entire investor community. It is now up to our investors to assess the investment proposal based on the information available and decide whether or not to indicate an investment interest in your company.

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In order for you to better understand our selection approach, here are some of the questions that play a key role in our evaluation process:

  1. People: Do we trust the team? Not only with respect to the required skills and expertise, but do they master the balancing act between dedication and realism? Especially with early stage investments, the human factor in any due diligence is of paramount importance.
  2. Independent third-party opinions: Who else thinks the start-up is promising? Nobody, neither us nor you, should rely entirely on one's own assessment. That's why the existence of co-investors, proven partnerships, prizes and awards as well as specialist references are key factors in our selection decision.
  3. Trends: We strongly believe, that viable business concepts come in waves. We receive hundreds of business plans a year and are convinced that the existence of competitive offerings is rarely a bad sign. On the contrary, it is a sign of maturity and market-readiness of the respective technology or innovation.

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