We win if you win:

our fee model is entirely success-based.

As an entrepreneur, you will be charged a 6.5% cash commission on the total amount raised on our platform, payable only upon successful closing of your financing round. And entrepreneurs are advised to not only look at cost of capital but also at value for money:

  • investiere not only gets you access to additional capital but also to strategically valuable investors ("smart money") with different backgrounds that really matter to your business
  • Our entrepreneurs become part of a small selection of hand-picked high-quality start-ups, not one of many, and a selection implies a label of quality
  • investiere guides you through the whole investment process: transparent and according to proven practices
  • investiere provides you with standard contracts not only based on SECA standards, but tailored to early-stage needs and reflecting real-world experience
  • Our facilitation and syndication tools are at your disposal to make sure you think about everything that helped previous entrepreneurs to close their rounds successfully
  • Last, not least: Since February 2010, more than 90% of all featured start-ups managed to obtain the required funding

While on the one hand, you will see a 6.5% cash-out, don't forget that on the other hand you'll receive 4.5% in additional cash for an investment by Verve Capital Partners in your company.

Let us give you an example:

investiere's investor community invests CHF 600'000
Therefore, upon successful closing, you will be billed a 6.5% commission = CHF 39'000
= calculatory net new cash of CHF 561'000

However, we ourselves invest 4.5% of our community's investment volume on top, so another CHF 27'000
Again, we'll charge you a 6.5% commission = CHF 1'755
= real net new cash of CHF 586'245

So your actual cash-drain will only accumulate to 2.19% ((39'000-27'000+1'755)/627'000) (and not 6.5%) upon the totally raised funds.