PEMRED Successfully Raised Funds for Technology to Reduce Particle Emissions

PEMRED, a cleantech startup that provides car manufacturers and other engine manufacturers with a cost-effective solution to reduce ultrafine exhaust particle emissions and allows them to meet regulatory limits with significant costs savings, has now closed an investment round over CHF 865’000 with CHF 215’000 hailing from investiere’s community of private investors.

The round was headed by an experienced lead-investor and a significant portion of the funds came from investors with broad international networks.  Once again, investiere does justice to its claim that its community-based online venture capital model allows startup companies to obtain funding from so-called smart-money investors that provide relevant expertise and networks beyond financial means.

Apart from helping PEMRED secure top-notch investors, investiere offered PEMRED’s founder, Avigdor Luttinger, support and guidance throughout the entire financing process. “Besides the access to investors, investiere contributed very valuable advice and support throughout the process - starting with the initial communications, through the legal framework and service providers and finally in implementing the closing,“ Luttinger explains. “investiere is a unique ‘full-service boutique’ which combines the best of what Crowd Funding and VCs have to offer.”

PEMRED has already established strong ties with various OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and is currently conducting prototyping projects with renowned players in the automotive industry. The raised funds will enable PEMRED to move beyond prototyping and towards commercial engagements.