Liquidation Process for Nanotion Comes to a Close

Nanotion AG is an ETH Zurich spin-off company founded in 2010 to work on an innovative technology to fully characterize nanoparticles in liquid products. In November 2011, investiere participated in Nanotion’s CHF 1.2 million angel financing round, raising CHF 230’000 from investiere investors.

Nanotion’s technology was intended to permit monitoring nanoparticles in liquid products in real time during the production process. Its technology measured the size, concentration and molecular composition of the nanoparticles in one measurement step. Nanotion conducted several pilot studies with drinking water plants. To commercialize its technology it was working on developing and globally distributing portable analytical devices, as well as offering measurement services directly built into the production process.

As a hightech venture, one of the biggest risks Nanotion faced from the beginning was a technology risk. Ultimately, the prototype it had built did not yield the expected results and Nanotion took the hard decision to call it a day and initiate its liquidation process. Nanotion’s CEO focused a lot of his energy on value realization for the company’s assets and was able to sell Nanotion’s prototype and IP. These proceeds were shared among the shareholder. Furthermore, if the acquiring company decides to spin-out a new venture based on Nanotion’s technology within a defined period, Nanotion’s ex-shareholders will receive a stake in the new venture.

The liquidation process came to a close at the end of May 2014.